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Electrifying musical sensation, Dayystar! With a dynamic fusion of Hip-Hop, RnB, and Pop, Dayystar possesses a natural, melodic sound that effortlessly transcends genres. This is not your ordinary artist; this is a musical chameleon ready to captivate your senses. Whether it's the raw urban beats or the sultry RnB grooves, Dayystar's versatility knows no bounds. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – where every note, every lyric, is a testament to the boundless creativity of an artist who defies convention. Welcome to the world of Dayystar, where the boundaries of music are redefined, and your soul is set ablaze.

OutTheMud Music

Yung Chigo

The epitome of musical rebellion, seamlessly blending Hip-Hop, EMO, and Pop into a sound that's all his own. His lyrical prowess and wordplay are nothing short of breathtaking, leaving listeners in awe of his unparalleled skill. Yung Chigo is not just an artist; he's a force of nature, bringing the underground sound to the forefront of the mainstream. With every track, he ignites a raging fire of emotion, a sonic journey that's as raw as it is captivating. Step into the realm of Yung Chigo, where boundaries are shattered, emotions run wild, and the underground rises to conquer the world.

OutTheMud Music

HR ThaKid

Effortlessly weaves his life experiences into his lyrics, creating an emotional tapestry that's both gripping and authentic. With a signing range that knows no bounds, he can hit notes that touch the very depths of your soul. Blending Hip-Hop, Pop, and Alternative influences, HR ThaKid takes you on a genre-bending ride that defies conventions. This is not just music; it's an exploration of the human spirit, a symphony of emotions that resonates with every listener. Step into the extraordinary world of HR ThaKid, where his artistry knows no limits, and his music is a breathtaking expression of life's highs and lows.

OutTheMud Music

DnD Nic

Gritty, unapologetic world of DnD Nic! With a fierce blend of Hip-Hop and Rap, DnD Nic's music pulses with raw energy and underground authenticity. His life experiences are not just stories; they're an epic cinematic journey, woven into lyrical form. DnD Nic's sound is the very essence of darkness, a grungy, mind-bending ride through the depths of his psyche. His music isn't just a genre; it's a state of mind. Step into the shadows and embrace the unfiltered, uncompromising artistry of DnD Nic, where every note, every word, paints a vivid picture of a life lived on the edge. This is the soundtrack to the untold stories, the anthem of the underground.

DreamWorld & FTB Music Group

Channel Jamil

The ultimate musical alchemist! With an incredible knack for crafting beats that transcend genres, Channel is not just an artist and producer; he's a genre-bending wizard. From Hip-Hop to Rap, Underground Hip-Hop to Pop, and the smoothest RnB grooves, Channel can cook up beats that'll leave you mesmerized. But there's more to Channel than just music – he's a force of positivity and motivation. With an infectious mindset and an attitude that's nothing short of inspiring, Channel's music isn't just a sound; it's a journey. So, buckle up and get ready for a sonic adventure like no other, where the boundaries of music are shattered, and every beat is a testament to the power of positivity. Welcome to the world of Channel Jamil!

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